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The school was established in the year 2010. In 1998, I had the ambition to launch a school with a personal convinction that the urge was divine.

I was however advised to operate for a start, a mobile school (home lesson or those educational programmes in its proximity). After our holy wedlock, I discussed the issue with my wife. Initially, she was reluctant to foster the vision with me, but later resigned from her place of work.

Thereafter, she started applying for teaching appointment in reputable private schools until she met a proprietor who corroborated my vision. The proprietor affirmed that the Lord had revealed to him that she ought to be an employer, therefore he could not employ her.

Hence, the vision got librated. In the year 2010, the school commenced with mere 21 pupils. And to the glory of God today, she has got students up to the tune of a hundred and above.

Unto the Lord we return our praise              

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